Keeping Digital Marketing Interesting

Today in my Digital Marketing Class, one of my classmates brought up this awesome Digital Marketing campaign done by a shoe store in Guatemala.

It revolved around an app called “Hijack” that sent you a 100% off discount  to your phone when you entered a competitor’s shoe store. The catch was the discount slowly decreased in amount until it reached 0. The only way to stop the discount from dropping was to get to the store ASAP. You can see this below:

Interesting, huh? I don’t think it could work in many American malls, but it’s interesting to see how store are using mobile applications in creative ways to improve their marketing campaigns.

I think the key to success in the digital marketing world today is to create a fun and immersive  experience for your consumer. It’s not enough to put a mobile ad on a phone, or a static digital ad on your webpage.

Involve the consumer in the experience. Create something for them, and allow them to create things for you. Put NFC tags in your paper ads that send your customers on scavenger hunts. Create apps that allow them to play games or design products.  Host giant chat events where consumers can discuss your products with you.

Technology these days has the potential to be used as such a great tool. More companies need to start taking advantage of this!

Have you heard of any creative ways that companies use technologies to market their product or service? Leave a comment below.


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