How Video Games Can actually help Business and Marketing

I was browsing around the internet this morning, and I came across this neat infographic posted by DeviantArt user: “Suckstobeyourgirl”. Check it out.

This interested me because growing up as a kid, I was always very fond of video games. In fact, I still am. I love to play games in my spare time (which admittedly I have less and less as the days go on).  However, I always felt that video games had a bad reputation. If you played too many games, you were labelled a nerd, and there were always reports in the news that “violent videogames” were corrupting the youth, and all of this jazz that simply isn’t true.

However, now I think that perception is changing.

As the generations get older, we are moving into a time where adults have grown up playing games and are more acceptant of video games. This in-turn, influences how people perceive them. Because of this, we are seeing a rise of “game”-ification.

What is Game-ification? Gamification is the use of gaming qualities and features in non-games in order to immerse or engage a certain group or crowd. As I said in my previous postings, It’s not enough for marketing to remain stagnant nowadays. Consumers need to be engaged and they need to interact with their advertisements.

Last semester, I took a social media innovation class. Instead of having the class based on test and papers, we had a set of activities that we had to complete by the end of the semester. Each activity we completed by a certain deadline gave us a certain amount of points. These points compiled into a leader board  and people in the class fiercely competed to get the work done.  Not only did the gamification of the class foster friendly competition between students, but I’m pretty sure more students completed their work than in any of their other classes.

Some companies have already picked up on the fact that consumers want to be  more engaged. Check out what Dominos is doing with their “game.”

Not only does that make people hungry, but I’ve heard reports that Domino’s even HIRES some of their pizza chefs this way. I don’t know about being recruited to making food through an app, but the app has increases digital orders to the chain by 20% since its inductions. (
What do you guys think about Gamification? Do you have any examples of Gamification? Leave a comment below.

Check out my last post as well, to see another similar example.


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