About Me


My name is Justin Lewis and this is my webpage. I am soon-to-be Graduate of Temple University . I will be graduating with a BBA in Business with a focus in Marketing and Management Information Systems.


  • To give future employers and others a chance to learn more about who I am, and what I can offer.
  • To enter the realm of Digital Marketing and to form and create a successful career in this space.
  • To create networks and connections to not only increase my worth, but the worth and value of others.
  • To express my thoughts and feelings through my blog.

I am a motivated go-getter. I am dedicated, and I work hard to achieve my goals and aspirations.

I was born and raised in Queens, New York. Here, I lived with my Jamaican and Bajan American family.  I grew up with a love for sports , particularly Track and Baseball, music, mostly old school hip-hop and R&B, cooking, and technology.

My hobbies are listening to music, playing video games, and watching movies and T.V. ( my favorites are Breaking Bad, the Office, and Arrested Development).

In the future, I hope to work in the realm of Digital Marketing and  Advertising. My dream job is to be the director of Digital Marketing for a major sports team, or for a major Television Network.

I also love to give back to the community. I have worked in various organizations that have helped children improve their talents and skill sets whether they be reading or exercising.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Specialties and Talents

  • Knowledge of DARTS for publishers, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and SAP technologies.
  • Knowledge of JustinMind Prototyper.
  • Helped to create a KickStarter Project.
  • Knowledge of Office Suite, including Microsoft Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.
  • Great Knowledge of Social Media Platforms including, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and FourSquare.
  • Experience in Retail E-Commerce, Digital Design, and Digital Advertising through Internships.

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