Creating Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Will the Apple iWatch be the next big hit?

Apple Inc. is setting their eyes on their next endeavor, and they believe that their new “iWatch” can be their hit product. The Apple iWatch will be a complementary product to the iPhone, and it will connect to the phone, allowing users to check their text messages, access email and applications, and check whether directly from the watch. The watch will also have a heart rate monitor and many other features. Although many other companies in this industry have either stayed away from e-watch design or have simply ignored them, Apple believes that they can be pioneers in the industry.

I can’t tell you for sure that the iWatch will be the next big thing. However, I can tell you that Apple will have many successful sales.


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How Video Games Can actually help Business and Marketing

I was browsing around the internet this morning, and I came across this neat infographic posted by DeviantArt user: “Suckstobeyourgirl”. Check it out.

This interested me because growing up as a kid, I was always very fond of video games. In fact, I still am. I love to play games in my spare time (which admittedly I have less and less as the days go on).  However, I always felt that video games had a bad reputation. If you played too many games, you were labelled a nerd, and there were always reports in the news that “violent videogames” were corrupting the youth, and all of this jazz that simply isn’t true.

However, now I think that perception is changing.

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Why Sony’s PlayStation 4 will be successful in a mobile dominated market

Media giant and computer hardware company SONY has begun to release information regarding their next generation console, the PlayStation 4. Many critics believe that Sony’s new console will fail to meet expectations due to the rise in mobile gaming on tablets and phones.

However, it is a mistake to think that the rise of mobile gaming is the downfall of console gaming; instead it should an extension of the gaming market. Sony’s new PlayStation 4 will be a success because the “core gamer” target market will always demand high quality gaming experiences, it will integrate features for mobile and smart devices, and Sony already has a foot in mobile market with the PlayStation VITA.

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Keeping Digital Marketing Interesting

Today in my Digital Marketing Class, one of my classmates brought up this awesome Digital Marketing campaign done by a shoe store in Guatemala.

It revolved around an app called “Hijack” that sent you a 100% off discount  to your phone when you entered a competitor’s shoe store. The catch was the discount slowly decreased in amount until it reached 0. The only way to stop the discount from dropping was to get to the store ASAP. You can see this below:

Interesting, huh? I don’t think it could work in many American malls, but it’s interesting to see how store are using mobile applications in creative ways to improve their marketing campaigns.

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