Detailed Work Experience




[United By Blue]

“United By Blue is a sustainable brand of apparel that for every product sold, removes one pound of trash for the world’s oceans and waterways.

At United by Blue, I worked in the Marketing and E-Commerce department. My tasks included performing maintenance on Google Analytics, tracking popular trends that customer had when making purchases on their website, and coming up with new and inventive ways of driving more web sales.

At United By Blue, I worked in a team to develop and process customer surveys and interviews, in order to help develop a customer profile so that the company could better segment and target their consumers.

Finally, I worked as a part of a team in order to develop a KickStarter project with the hopes of develop a new line of product.

At United By Blue, I was able to develop strong skills in communicating both in teams and with consumers, as well as gaining experiences in executing and conducting surveys.”

[BET Networks]

While working at the BET Networks, I created many connections and friendships. At the company, I worked as a Digital Ad Operations Intern. Here, I was directly involved in keeping track of different Ad Campaigns that ran on the BET website. I created reports that tracked the progress of these Ad Campaigns, and I assisted the managers in creating these campaigns and launching them on the webpages.

I also created many screenshot reports, which showed our clients how their ads looked when they ran on the BET main page. Finally, I performed clerical work such as filing and delivering packages.

As a part of my BET Internship, I was trained in DART/DFP for publishers and have the ability to use the product to traffick ads and obtain tearsheets.

[Municipal Credit Union]

From my sophomore year to my senior year of high school, I worked at the Municipal Credit Union as a intern. In my first few years, I worked in the Business Development Department. Here, I handled promotional packages, and made phone calls to set up booths so that these packages could  be handed out. I also performed clerical work, such as filing and receptionist activities, and sometimes went into the field to help distribute the promotional material.

In my last year, I worked in the Data Control Department, where I helped enter critical data into the system, and made sure information was being kept orderly.

[Life Guarding]

I have been a lifeguard since my freshman year of high school. First, I worked at the Belcrest House Apartment complex, where I not only was a life guard, but I also maintained the pool by checking the levels of the chemicals and performed routine clean ups.

Secondly, I performed lifeguard duties at the Our Lady of Lourdes Beginners Swimming Program. There, I was in responsible for supervising a pool with kids from ages five to fifteen.

[Active World Screen Printing]

I have worked as an intern at Active World Screen Printing. Here, I was actively involved in the Screen Printing Process, where I helped to make shirts, hats, visors, and many other types of apparel. I also worked in the main office where I took phone calls, filed papers, and did many other clerical duties.


I volunteered my time at “Treehouse Books”, and organization in Philadelphia that focuses its efforts on improving literacy to children in the North Philadelphia area. I worked here as a tutor, where I helped children improve their reading, and helped them with their homework. I also performed some administrative duties such as organizing snacks, and waiting for deliveries.

I volunteered my time at the Our Lady of Lourdes Sporting Program. Most of my time, I participated in the Our Lady of Lourdes Beginner Swimming Program, where I taught five to seven year old children the basics of swimming. I also have helped in the Track and Field program, providing my knowledge, experience and expertise in the field.


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